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NRI आणि वडापाव

एक NRI.. वर्षानुवर्षं बाहेर राहिलेला. मनाने तरीही भारतातच रमणारा. जगणं कोणाला कुठे आणि कसं नेईल सांगता येतं का? असाच प्रवाहाबरोबर वहात आलेला तो… भारतात मिळणाऱ्या पदार्थांची चव अजून जिभेवर जपून ठेवणारा.. मधून मधून परदेशातल्या भारतीय हॉटेल मध्ये त्याच नावाच्या पदार्थांच्या … Continue reading

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Four little lives..

Four little lives were crossing the road.. I was driving the second car in a line of cars speeding on a highway. The tiny squirrel like animals quickly crossed over into the left lane in front of the first car. I was … Continue reading

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Yellowstone Scare!

A few days after we booked our Yellowstone trip, internet bloggers posted videos of Bisons and other animals running away from the park. They were suggesting that this might be due to an impending explosion of the Super-volcano on which … Continue reading

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Chasing a dream..

It is strange, that the closer you get to realizing your dream, the farther away your mind takes you.. The closer you get to moving the mountains, the harder it gets to WANT to move them. It’s a paradox. What … Continue reading

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The predictability about this world, ends with the unpredictability of the people in it..

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Managing a kid.. alone – Weekday morning..

With wife gone out of town on a business trip, I was left alone with a kid for 5 days..! This morning, I had Dr appointment @8:30, son had school @7:50.. So I wake up @6, get ready, try to … Continue reading

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The Addict..

I remember it was a dark chilly evening.. I was lying there under the stars.. a mental struggle still brewing… but I was helpless.. An ambulance siren sounded in the distance and grew louder as it approached.. Within minutes I … Continue reading

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How are you?

If there is one question I face everyday in my life, it is the “How are you” question.. I have to think about that every single time! I bump into that in the office elevator, in meetings, in grocery stores, … Continue reading

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2 Perfect Solutions

There are only 2 perfect solutions – 1. You control everything in the world or 2. You control yourself for everything in the world! 🙂

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