Chasing a dream..

It is strange, that the closer you get to realizing your dream, the farther away your mind takes you.. The closer you get to moving the mountains, the harder it gets to WANT to move them.

It’s a paradox. What you want is not always a reality. Sometimes what you want is a dream, a dream that you don’t dream of becoming a reality.

I don’t know if I am chasing a dream or chasing an almost dreamlike reality. Are all life changing plans this way??

Today when I am close to taking the first real steps to a dream I have been following at a distance, it suddenly feels like being inside the fog you have been chasing in a forest.. The dream was always somewhere inside the fog and now that I am inside, it is staring at me right in the eye..

I don’t know if I liked the fog from outside, or being in it myself.. All I know is that, there is a difference!

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