Four little lives..

Four little lives were crossing the road.. I was driving the second car in a line of cars speeding on a highway. The tiny squirrel like animals quickly crossed over into the left lane in front of the first car. I was just feeling relieved, when for some unfortunate reason the last one decided to turn back and run into our lane.. The wheel of my car couldn’t stop..

When I looked through the tears welling in my eyes, the side mirror showed me a black dead, lifeless patch of what once was that tiny little life.. And then I saw as I was speeding away, one of them returned back to check on the lifeless body of the fallen one.. It was a heart wrenching sight frozen in my side mirror, one that lingered on in my mind throughout my journey that day!

And I thought, life is all about the choices we make.. Why did the last one decide to turn back, even after crossing over to the safe side..? I guess I will never know. I just seek forgiveness from a life that was lost and from the one that came back to check…

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