Lifetime To-Dos/Dreams..

I actually borrowed this idea from another blog because it makes total sense.. Like most of us, I did want to do way too many things in life and I still do. But because life is so “one-way” and time never stops, I kind of kept dropping the ball on each one of them one by one. So this post will let me at least remember all the things I wanted to do in my life..

..if there is another life and I still remember the blog address for this life (!!) and if my hosting company is nice enough not to nuke my site, since I won’t be paying for it during the time between my 2 lives (!!), then I can come back to read about this life and try to do the things I wanted to do, in the new life! 😉 With that *simple* hope, here goes:


  • I remember when I was a kid, I used to love breaking stones with a hammer!! So there was a time when I used to say I want to do that in life! Overtime, I realized that this is not really an exciting and profitable dream to hold onto 🙂
  • When you are a kid, who doesn’t feel like being a pilot? But I still do.. would love to fly an airplane in life
  • Again, when I was a kid, I always wanted to drive.. drive a car, drive a bus, a truck, whatever.. now I am doing that everyday for my commute and grocery shopping. Dreams, sometimes morph into boring realities like this 😉
  • When I was a kid, sometimes I used to hear strange sounds in my ear – and I distinctly remember thinking that there must be some extraterrestrial trying to communicate with me! That never happened even though I tried to respond!! But I have this hidden desire still – to see a flying saucer or an extraterrestrial in my life that the whole world can confirm. I don’t want a hallucination or an optical illusion, no conspiracy theories or military cover-ups. Just straight real life experience.. If there can’t be just us in this mind bogglingly huge universe, what are “they” waiting for?!
  • I took fancy for Astronomy when I was in 8th grade.. started dreaming about being an Astrophysicist. I even fancied myself discovering the biggest secret of the universe and bagging a Noble prize! 🙂 As time progressed, I realized that I would have to spend a lifetime learning about what has been known so far, to know what is unknown 🙂 Jokes apart, I did pursue this dream up to my Bachelors in Physics, so that I could start with my Masters in Astrophysics.. but again, I buckled under the uncertainty about my future. I wasn’t sure if I really was an “Einstein-material”.. and if I am not that, then I thought I would be nobody. But the dream remained….
  • Being a kid, I was in awe of all the “Super-/Spider-/Bat-/He-“-men! I hoped everyday that someday my super powers will reveal themselves to me. Some hint, some indication that I am from a different planet..! I once twisted a metal key when I tried to forcibly turn it when it was stuck. There you go! I thought I was indeed a Superman after all! But I couldn’t lift a car with one hand, when someone hit me it was still me who was groaning in pain and not them, my long jump in the school track-n-field event didn’t take me longer than a couple of feet, nor did the hammer throw fly into space.. so that’s where it all ended! I still have hopes, but they are mostly fading into harsh realities of my lower-than-average being 🙁
  • For anybody with an interest in Astronomy, going into Space is an ultimate dream. Out of all the billions of human creatures on this planet, only a handful get a chance to leave this planet for a few days in their lifetime! Others just live and die somewhere on this ‘rock’! If I become a Billionaire, I think I will be able to convince my wife to let me spend $25 million on a Trip aboard a Russian spacecraft like Dennis Tito and other space tourists!! That’d be fine for now ‘coz I don’t think I am going to see any living creature crossing the boundaries of our solar system alive in my lifetime!


  • I want to try Sky Diving at least once – although my wife is not likely to let me do it now
  • Want to fly an airplane – not sure when that will happen.
  • I definitely want to learn / improve –
    • Skiing : Tried several times, first in Switzerland, then in the US.. not actively pursuing right now
    • Ice Skating : Working on improving..
    • Roller Blade Skating : Did a one-day course, but not actively pursuing right now
    • Swimming : Working on improving..
    • Playing Guitar : Enrolled in class. Trying hard to learn..
  • Activities –
    • Snowmobiling : Planning to do this someday
    • Parasailing : Planning to do this someday
    • Paragliding : Would love to do this but not sure if it will happen
    • Diving (Scuba) : Would love to do this but not sure if it will happen
  • [..Incomplete..]

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