My Annoyances

This was a post earlier (What irritates me). And I used to keep adding a new annoyance to it every now and then 🙂 I think it deserves a page of its own. So here goes:

What irritates me?

  • A banana that doesn’t peel off easily.
  • A commode that chokes up on me
  • When I drive for about a mile and realize I have forgotten my wallet @home
  • Elevator buttons don’t work as toggle switches.. Why can’t I undo a pressed button if I accidentally hit a 2 when I wanted to press 12!
  • Waiters generally start looking AWAY just when you start looking FOR them in a restaurant
  • When voice menus only accept voice commands.. and then they go “Sorry, I think I am having trouble understanding you” – especially if you have to “SAY” your credit card number and can’t TYPE it in and then the machine gets it all wrong!!!
  • When a car seat belt gets stuck. So you try to pull it and it doesn’t move – no matter what – then you have to push it all in to get it unstuck!
  • …. <more> ….

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